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The story behind the magical painting | MONIQUE SARKHESSIAN, Seven Pillars, 2023

The story behind the magical painting for my podcast studio. Basically, it’s me dancing with my arms raised to Heaven with God the Father looking down on me in His love and blessing. He’s smiling at me as His precious daughter and from His hands flow His love and blessing in the form of showers of gold over me.

Sparkle Sisters Journal

There are 3 angels in unity behind Him which form a canopy over me of His love and protection. As I dance, Jesus as the Lion of Judah stands close behind me to 'have my back' and forming an encircling around me will be a transparent ribbon like the Northern Lights mist representing the Holy Spirit who is ready to give me wisdom in fact in 7 pillars to establish my house (literally and in the legacy sense).

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