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  • Introducing Sparkle Sister's special candle, made with natural soy and infused with the calming scents of lavender, lemongrass, and sandalwood. Every purchase of our candle goes towards supporting Affinity Patient Advocacy, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping patients access the treatment they need. The natural soy wax used in our candle is non-toxic and burns cleanly, ensuring a safe and healthy experience.


    By choosing Sparkle Sister's candle, you're not only investing in your own well-being but also helping to make a positive impact in the lives of others.


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    Women's Health Candle |Reusable Glass Jar | Affinity Patient Advocacy |

    SKU: SSAPA002
    10 Ounces
    • Soy Candle

      Net Weight: 10 oz

      Made in United States

      • Fine-quality essential oils
      • Traditional wax blend that burns clean and lasts long
      • Unique fragrances with a balanced throw
      • Premium jars and packaging
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